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The formative years...

On this page I'll describe Bruce lee's life and career: the successes and failures, the joys and sorrows.


Bruce lee or birth name Lee Hsiao Lung, was born in San Francisco California. In 1936, the Lee family moved to the USA. Bruce was born on a tour on november 27,1940. His nick name that he was know as was Little Dragon.

 In 1941, the family move back to Hong Kong. At a young age in 1946, he looked toward dancing winning a cha-cha competition. Well he was in the gang he took up Kung fu learing the basic stuff. His master a Chinsese yip man was  part of a group of great matial artists of china.

 His father sent him back to america because he got introuble with the police for getting ina fight he went Seattle washington and stuided school he also thout student some matial arts. And thats where he meet his true love Linda Cadwell. She inspired him to teach perfesstional  and start a chain but the other martial artist in the area didn't like he was teaching black and whites  they settled it by fighting. Bruce got badly injured but well he was in the hospital  he created his own martial arts system. 

 He was given a role in an american show "The Green Hornet" he played as Kato. he also did some more film work in China, doing movies like "Big Boss","Chinsese Conetion", "Return of the dragon". Linda and Bruce had two kids Bandon, and shannon Lee. Bruce did a major american martial art film "Enter the Dagon".in 1972. Then he went to China to film "Game of Death" he died making the movie. There were a lot a rumors of how he died some say The Hong Kong triads killed him because he refuse to pay protetion money. Some say Bruce had a cruse on him. What ever the reason he was a great man. 

 In 1993, Brandon Lee (his son) died filming "The Crow". Well they were filming a gun secene someone switched the fake bullet with a real bullet. Bolth Bruce Lee and his son are baried at the Lake View cemtary in seattle. 

Take  a Glance

Date of Birth:novemember 27th 1940
Education:washington state
Family History:Dad famous chinese opera singer
First leading Role:Big Boss (Fist of Fury)

Bruce lee rocks!