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When the lights go down...

Fist of Fury (Big Boss) is about a man who is now living with his family to do work when they get in trouble with the boss and the numbers start dropping.

Fist of Fury/Big Boss (1971; Lo Wei; Director)


Another good one is CINESE CONNECTION (FIST OF FURY). IT is about a chinese martial arts school who has thair master die then a Jappanese school who changes them to a game of fighting wich they refuse intil shocking news.

Chinese Connection/fist of fury (1971; Lo Wei; Director)


Return of the Dragon (Way of the Dragon) is about A man who vistist his cousin in rome were his uncle owns a chinese resturunt and and oraganization is trying to get there proportey all most owning the whole city. This movie has an aperance with Chuck Norris.

Return of the Dragon/Way of the Dragon(1972; Bruce Lee; Director)


My favorite one is ENTER THE DRAGON. It was his first American film. It was also one of the first American matial arts film. It is about a man named leewho is assighned a job by the british govermaent to go to a turnament that a master drug lord is holding and any prove that he has drugs they go at him. This is the first Bruce Lee movie I ever saw. 

Enter The Dragon (1973;Robert Clouse;Director)


Game of death  is about a movie star named Billy Lo who keeps get boytherd by the sindacite untell they go to far.But it does have doubles who finished the movie since Bruce Lee died. And this wasn't the orginal story line the orginal story line was that a man is going to hold a turnament and he is asked to join and he rufuses. But then he is forced to fight when they take his wife and son. Going up each level of the tower with a new enemy each time. 

Game of Death
(1979; Robert Clouse, director)

pohto from the GAME OF DEATH.
Bruce Lee's last movie

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In this area I'll talk about what I think is this Bruce lee's best movie's. I'll try to explain why I think it's their best work and why it's important to me personally.

Bruce lee rocks!